InsightX Contract Scanner

The Contract Scanner is available on Telegram & Discord. Refer to How to use Contract Scanner to see how to use it.

There's hundreds of malicious contracts deployed on the blockchain everyday. This exposes end-users to a lot of risks, including fraudulent contracts & honeypots. The Contract Scanner is a contract security detection tool to mitigate those risks.

Core Features:

The InsightX Contract Scanner has a set of features designed to assess smart contracts trustworthiness:

  • Liquidity Pool Lock Detection: It scans for signs of locked liquidity pools, ensuring that users can engage with legitimate projects that have secured their liquidity.

  • Honeypot Detection: The InsightX scanner employs a overview to detect honeypot-like behaviors in smart contracts, helping users avoid potential traps.

  • Contract Verification: It verifies if a smart contract is verified on reputable platforms like Etherscan, offering an additional layer of confidence.

  • Security Assessment: InsightX Contract Scanner assesses code vulnerabilities and potential exploits, providing users with a risk assessment score.

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