TradeWatch Filters

TradeWatch has different filters which can be used to filter away certain transactions which could potentially be spam or malicious tokens. In this section the filters will be explained and how they can be used.

Security measurements

Honeypot; It describes whether the token is a honeypot. "HoneyPot" means that the token maynot be sold because of the token contract's function, or the token contains malicious code. It also simulates a buy & sell and if its not possible to sell due to low_sell limit it will also be triggered as a honeypot.

Potential rug pull; This filter has a few parameters which will determine if its a potential rug pull, which we will describe now:

Privilege Withdraw

  • Whether the contract owner can withdraw all the assets in the contract, without users' permission.

Cannot Withdraw

  • Whether the contract lacks a withdrawal method. If it is missing, users will be unable to withdraw the assets they have put in.


  • Whether this contract can self-destruct.

Potential Approval Abuse

  • Whether the owner can spend the allowance obtained by the contract. If so, this function could potentially be abused to steal user assets.

Proxy Contract

  • Whether this contract has a proxy contract.

Locked Liquidity Pool This allows to set a minimum value of the Liquidity pool, which shall be locked.

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