Tiers and Pricing

At InsightX, we are committed to providing our users with valuable tools and services that gives a better cryptocurrency trading experience. To ensure the sustainability of our platform and to reward our loyal users, we have implemented access restrictions that are tied to our native INX token.

Why INX Tokens?

INX tokens are the core of the InsightX ecosystem. By requiring users to hold INX tokens for access, we promote token adoption, and community engagement.

InsightX is dedicated to delivering valuable insights and tools to cryptocurrency traders. Our access restrictions, tied to the INX token, are designed to maintain the sustainability of our platform while ensuring that our users have access to the best tools available.

Disclaimer: Please note that the access requirements mentioned above, including the INX token thresholds, are current as of the publication date of this statement. InsightX reserves the right to modify these requirements in the future to adapt to changing market conditions, user demands, or other considerations. Any such changes will be communicated to our users through official channels, and we encourage users to stay informed about updates to our access criteria. Your continued use of InsightX services signifies your agreement to abide by any revised access requirements that may be implemented in the future. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

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