Security Parameters

In this section, we will describe the different parameters that the contract scanner scans when a contract is being processed. This will give the average user a better understanding of the functions within the smart contract.

Parameters Meaning


If the contract is open source or not


When the contract is renounced, no parameters can be changed. If its not renounced, the owner can make changes to the contract


Whether the contract is a honeypot or not. If the contract is a honeypot, traders won't be able to sell the tokens.

Anti whale:

When anti whale is on, the contract can specify how much can be sold at the time. This can be used to create honeypots

Has blacklist

A blacklist can be used to deny any wallet to be able to buy/sell the token

Trading pausable

Whether the contract can pause trading or not

Proxy Contract

Whether the contract is a proxy contract or not. A proxy contract is an intermediary contract that delegates functions to another smart contract


Whether the smart contract has the ability to mint tokens

Tax modifiable

If the tax can be changed

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