TradeWatch Personalize

In the personalize section you are able to personalize your alerts and notifications, such as providing an alias, or by choosing how your notifications shall look like. We will describe how the different personalization functions are used.

Wallet Alias: This allows you to set a alias to the alert, so when you receive an notification, it will be shown as the alias, and not as the wallet address

Simplified Notifications: This condense the information to its simplest form, which can make it easier to read.

Here is an example with and without Simplified Notifications

Below is a notification without the simplified notifications turned on.

Below is a notification with the simplified notifications turned on.

The personalization section with additional information; will give you the possibility to be able to see market cap and the 24H volume. Here is an example when its turned on.

Selection Swap Provider:

This allows you to choose if you which to use Uniswap or Unibot as your swap provider, to easily access and swap to the desired token.

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