InsightX Degen

The InsightX Degen is expected to be live in Q1 2024.

The Degen bot will provide notifications once new tokens are discovered and liquidity is added. The bot will be available in a separate channel on all our platforms.

The Degen bot is the backbone of our Sniping bot, and a way to have a way to discover tokens manually and trade these. See our Tiers and Pricing to see how to get access.

How does it work?

The Degen bot will be available in a separate Telegram, Discord channel, here it will post real-time notifications once tokens with liquidity is discovered.

Why is it not automated?

The Degen bot will not be automated, but rather kept as a way to manually trade. The Degen bot will be implemented within the Sniping Bot to automate this process.

How do I know if the token is safe to buy?

Our AI security measurement from the Contract Scanner will ensure that Honeypot and other malicious tokens are filtered out. We cannot guarantee every malicious token is filtered out.

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