InsightX Rogue (Sniping Bot)

The InsightX rogue is expected to be fully live in Q2 2024.

A fully customized Sniping bot that automatically snipes tokens once they are launched.

We will utilize Account Abstraction, which will make your funds safe, while using the bot. This is something that is highly needed within space. Exploits and hacks are happening daily, but no more.

With the InsightX rogue you'll be able to snipe token launches, this will give the user an advantage over manual buyers. The sniping bot will ensure you get as close to the Block0 which is the block when Liquidity is added. The Snipe bot will be fully customizable with strategies and auto take profit based on criteria.

Imagine you're able to be completely AFK and still able to snipe tokens, and much more. Head over to our Tiers and Pricing for accesses.

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